Breaking Bread

An ECH Client Story
November Edition

Bridget joined the Steppingstone program having recently graduated from high school. Despite this personal accomplishment, her home situation was in upheaval. Already displaced from her family home, she found herself in an untenable situation in a place she had thought was safe refuge.

It was apparent from the beginning that Bridget wanted to improve her situation by making changes in areas of her life she could control. She sought and acquired jobs with increasing responsibility and salary. She gradually learned better money management. She learned to develop a budget and pay her bills on time. She learned to have more trust in her abilities. The Steppingstone program assisted her with obtaining an apartment in the community. In June 2017 she assumed the lease on the apartment.

Bridget would say her greatest accomplishment was her inner transformation. She recounts a conversion experience just over a year ago during which she was saved. Bridget has since gone on a quest to align her life in accordance with her faith. Her journey has been tumultuous and lonely at times as she has had to leave some old friends and activities behind. As is often the case when someone experiences growth and change, some within Bridget’s circle didn’t like the change and attempted to knock her backwards. She has persevered and now is establishing a new support system.

Bridget’s time in the Steppingstone program came to an end on Halloween. She has referred to the program as her “Home Base.” Indeed, she may always reach out or stop by for support. Steppingstone claims many “lifetime” members. With her increased confidence, her courage, and a guiding faith, Bridget’s future is promising.


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