As we head into the 2021 holiday season, we again ask for your support – as well as the support of your family, friends and community. The question is, how would you like to get involved? You can choose your preferred way of supporting ECH this holiday season. Whether you are a self-proclaimed professional shopper or a one-click order pro, we have an opportunity for you to be a hero for a child this year. We also ask that you share this information with your circle of friends.

Here are 4 options for getting involved this year:

Email Sara at for more information

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the financial commitment to support a child or family?

The average financial commitment is $25 per gift or $75 per child (for three gifts); however, what you spend is entirely up to you.

How many gifts should I buy for each child?

If you selected a child (or family) from the Adopt-A-Family/Child list, we ask that you provide three gifts per child.  If you selected a wish from the Grant-A-Wish list, just one gift is requested.

Am I required to get every item on the child’s wish list exactly as it’s listed?

You are not required to get every item on the child’s wish list. The wish list serves as a guideline for what the child would like, and a listing of the child’s favorite color and likes/interests are also provided.  We have been told that supplies may be low or hard to come by this holiday season, so we ask that you use your best judgment when selecting gifts. If you are unable to obtain a requested gift, or find a suitable replacement, you can substitute the gift with a gift card (no cash to clients, please).

What is a virtual gift card?
You can support the children of ECH this Christmas without doing any of the shopping. Every $25 virtual gift card will be used to fill a child’s holiday wish.

What gift cards will you accept (from what stores)?  Do they have to be valued at $25?

We can accept gift cards to any store at any value.  The most requested cards are for Walmart, Amazon, Target, Dollar General, and area grocery stores such as Aldi’s and Schnucks.

How do I get gift cards to you?

They can be mailed or dropped off at our Rock Road facility.  Call to arrange a drop-off date/time.

Can I sign up to support more than one child or family?

Absolutely! Sign up to support as many children/families as you are able. We also encourage you to share this campaign with your friends and families.

Can I organize a gift card or other donation drive with my friends, work, church, or other groups?

If you would like to organize a donation drive to benefit ECH, give us a call for resources and details.

How do I get items to ECH?

Gifts can either be mailed or dropped off at our Rock Road facility (see address below).  Please email or call to arrange a drop-off time. Please note, all visitors must wear a mask when on any ECH campus.

Will you accept used toys or clothing?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept donations of used clothing or toys at this time.

Will you accept diapers and baby wipes?

Yes, we can always use donations of unopened baby wipes and diapers.

Do I need to include the Child# on the gifts I’m donating?

YES! We will be supporting hundreds of children throughout our programs across the state of Missouri. It is very important to include the corresponding number assigned to the child or family you are supporting. This Child or Family ID# will help us keep track of all donations and aid in the speedy delivery of all gifts before Christmas.

What if I forgot to include the Child# when I sent in gifts?

If you forgot to include the Child or Family ID# when you dropped off or sent in your donations, please call our office to give us a description of the items, a time you dropped them off, or when the shipment was expected to come in.