ECH Welcomes Chaplain Julie Jennings

The staff at ECH are thrilled to welcome Chaplain Julie Jennings back to ECH. Chaplain Julie returns as the chaplain at ECH, working with clients and families who request her services.

A message from Chaplain Julie:

In the year and a half that I have been away from ECH, many things have changed. This has been true for me personally, as I moved across the country to care for my Mother with Alzheimer’s and became a witness to the exacting effects of her disease. This has been true for ECH as organizational and programmatic adjustments have been made to better  deliver our mission and service. Some change is inevitable: we age, buildings and bodies decline. Most change, however, happens by choices, decisions, and actions Some change comes rolling in like thunder while some sets in quietly.Change is sometimes welcomed and sometimes resisted.

I am extremely grateful to return to an organization that continually stands with those in the midst of change. I look forward to my work alongside ECH staff and supporters alike in efforts to empower and equip those we serve to navigate change. And I claim the hope that inhabits the holy spaces of our common struggles and leads us all to transforming and transformed lives.


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