Spring Appeal to Help Steppingstone Youth in Apartments

ECH Every Child’s Hope provides apartment living for the young people in our transitional/independent living.

Help ECH Every Child’s Hope Fund the Need of rent stipends for the at-risk youth
flourishing in the Steppingstone programs.

Your donation of $, $, or $, will help young people gain independence and
have an apartment they can call home.

Tasha yearned for independence. Her adoptive mother had passed away and she had been to 15 different foster homes. She wanted to be her own boss, make her own decisions and live on her own. Tasha was 18. She was ready for the next step.

Tasha went through the interview process at Steppingstone and was placed immediately into an apartment in the community, something that does not usually happen. Staff realized that this would be the best possible thing for Tasha, though. She enrolled in the community college, studying culinary arts and she found a work study job. Tasha even saved her money and paid cash for her first car. She was determined to succeed.

Today, Tasha is getting ready to graduate and leave the Steppingstone program. She plans on becoming a personal chef and enjoys making dinner.

“It was a great program for me. I am independent and still can help when I need it.
Most kids don’t get this kind of opportunity.
Even though it all falls on me, I still had a safety net.”

Please help the young people at ECH with your donations today!