Join Every Child’s Hope in making Christmas, and the Holiday Season, a little brighter for the children and families we serve. We have a variety of ways for you to get involved:

  1. Support-a-Child (or a Family)
    • Select an individual child or family from our client list
    • Shop for gifts based on their wish list
  2. Gift Card Drive
    • Send gift cards
    • Or, donate $ and we will buy cards
  3. Make a Christmas/Year end gift to support our programs


Support-a-child (or family)

Select a child or family from our list of ECH clients. You will find details about each child, along with their wish list.

Gift Card Drive

Make an online donation in support of our gift card drive here.

If you prefer to mail or drop off gift cards, register here.

Give to the Year-End Campaign

Mail all gifts/gift cards to:

ECH Christmas Campaign

8240 St. Charles Rock Road, St. Louis, MO  63114

If you have any questions, please call Sarah at 314-427-3755 ext. 299, or Stacey at ext. 231.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the financial commitment to support a child or family?

What you spend on a child’s gifts is entirely up to you. We recommend keeping main gifts to around $25 each, and less than that for smaller gifts.  On average, the financial commitment to supporting one child is anywhere between $75-150, depending on the wish list’s size.

What is the financial commitment if I sign up to give a gift card (or multiple gift cards)?

We will collect monetary donations on our website and ask for a minimum donation of $25. We will use the funds to purchase $25 gift cards in bulk. You can donate funds for up to 10 cards per transaction.  If you would like to give at a higher level, please call our office for assistance.

I have gift cards that I would like to donate, but they are not valued at $25, will you still take them?

Absolutely! We will accept gift cards at any value.  You can mail them to the shipping address listed or arrange a drop-off.

Why do some children have more items on their wish list than others?

The wish lists are based on the individual needs of the child/family.

What gift cards will you accept (from what stores)?

ECH will use monetary donations to purchase gift cards from Target, Walmart, Amazon, and local grocery stores. However, we will accept gift cards from any vendor.  If you have specific questions regarding gift cards, please call our office.

Can I sign up to support more than one child or family?

Absolutely! Sign up to support as many children/families as you would like.

Can I organize a gift card or other donation drive with my friends, work, church, or other groups?

If you would like to organize your own donation drive to benefit ECH, give us a call for resources and details.

How do I get items to ECH?

You can mail/ship items directly to the address provided or call to arrange a drop-off time. Please note, all visitors must wear a mask when on any ECH campus.

Will you accept used toys or clothing?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept donations of used clothing or toys at this time.

Will you accept diapers and baby wipes?

Yes, we can always use donations of unopened baby wipes and diapers.

Do I need to include the Child# on the gifts I’m donating?

YES! It is very important to include the corresponding number assigned to the child or family you are supporting.  We will be supporting hundreds of children throughout our programs across the state of Missouri.  This Child# or Family# will help us keep track of all donations and aid in the speedy delivery of all gifts before Christmas.

What if I forgot to include the Child# when I sent in gifts?

If you forgot to include the Child# or Family# when you dropped off or sent in your donations, please call our office to give us a description of the items, a time you dropped them off, or when the shipment was expected to come in.