St. Louis Steppingstone is a transitional living program that helps young people ages 16-21 transition safely and successfully into independence. The program is based on positive youth development strategies and provides housing, employment services, education counseling, life skills training, and permanency planning.

An important part of the Steppingstone program is to provide safe, stable housing accommodations in campus or community apartments. When a youth is initially referred to Steppingstone, they meet with a case worker who administers an extensive Functional Status Rating (FSR). Based on the FSR, an individualized care plan is developed.

Steppingstone offers life skills training to help youth find work, with self-sufficiency being the end goal. The program helps youth create an education and career plan, develop work readiness skills, learn how to apply for jobs, dress for interviews, and more.

Contact the Steppingstone office at 314-427-3755.

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