Carrie just started her junior year in high school. She was just accepted to technical school and is doing very well. Last spring, Carrie was struggling in school and with day to day life. She was adopted and her adopted parents essentially returned her to state custody. They had a hard time dealing with her depression. After many months of staff asking Carrie what she wanted to do, she finally opened up and said she thought she might be interested in landscaping. So, her staff decided to help her plot out a garden. They encouraged her to get more involved with her school work and helped her apply to the technical school for landscape design. All summer, Carrie headed up a group of girls who tended a garden. They planted a variety of herbs, vegetables and flowers. They would then sell the things that they grew to staff. At the end of the summer, they raised over $400. They donated that money to a food pantry. Today, Carrie is thriving at the technical school and is working to patch things up with her adoptive parents. She has also just moved into our independent living program and has conquered her depression.