Weaving Our Community Together

The ECH students began a unique and colorful project called “Weaving Our Community Together.” Each student made their own woven fabric square and combined them all into one beautiful piece.

“In its simplest definition, weaving is an art form that involves interlacing two sets of threads or yarn at right angles to one another. The method is ancient, dating back to the Paleolithic Era, and is found across every culture on the globe.

This weaving, however, represents so much more than two threads coming together. Each square was crafted by individual students and staff of ECH School, expressing personal interests, memories and values. These individual expressions were then woven together to represent one of the most valuable resources we have: our community. Our community is dynamic, expressive and diverse. And each square is made stronger by the others surrounding it!

The weaving was entirely crafted by the students and staff from start to finish using recycled materials. Students created their own looms out of cardboard and yarn from T-shirts and fabric donated by the larger St. Louis community.